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The mind-spring program is unique in Europe, working with trained refugees and mental health professionals. The program is now running in the Netherlands; Belgium ; Denmark; Sierra Leone and Burundi. The program is labeled as ‘scientifically well developed” and therefor preventive effective. (RIVM Dutch ministry of health) .

The program was sponsored by the EU from the refugee fund three times for developing different modules. Mind-Spring in the Netherlands is part of the health insurance packet for refugees and asylum seekers. (Menzis) The COA (organization running the asylum seekers centers) is promoting the Mind-Spring since 2004.

There is no other program available in the EU which does te same or with the same succes. The mind-spring is developed by mr. Sterk, who is the only trainer who can provide training of trainers, so participants on the three day training in Pfozheim will be able to train refugees and intermediairs to do the mind-spring program as it is support. The Mind-Spring is now coordinated by Arq, psycho trauma expert center in Diemen the Netherlands.

Short CV.

drs. Paul Sterk (MSc.)

GZ-psychologist, ortho-pedagogist
worked 40 years in mental health services as an innovator and methodologist in (child) mental health care.
as a mental health Psychologist; Ortho- and family-pedagogist. Paul specialised in helping refugees and asylum seekers; Trauma and psycho social support; Empowerment and coaching.
Writer and owner of the program Mind-Spring a training psycho-social and parenting support, by and for refugees and asylum seekers. Paul worked for NGO’s as War-Child; HealthNetTPO; MSF; Unicef in developing countries (Romania, Afghanistan; Burundi; Kosovo and Sierra Leone) 
Now Paul now works with ARQ psycho trauma expert group in the Netherlands as a senior consultant and expert trainer.